About ten musicians playing together what felt like a well known set of songs. But when that many musicians only get together every second Saturday of the month there’s probably not much risk that the songs are going to be too polished.
A drummer, a weirdy dulcimer like instrument, electric guitar, two percussionists (one of whom, washboard and thimbles / triangle / tambourine etc, was particularly good), fiddle / guitar, fiddle, guitar / singer, squeeze box/ harmonica/ vocal (“en francais”) , electric bass. Get the picture? It’s eclectic.
Not a lot of songs I recognised, but all of which I liked.
And with people dancing, Louisiana style.
The “Backdoor Session” has been running for 15 years, and I understand why.
The following is from the Gov’s website.
“The sounds of Louisiana echo through the streets of Brompton! The Backdoor Cajun Session is a wild blend of accordions, fiddles, triangles and the sounds of the swamps from which Rock and Roll emerged.
Listeners and guest players are always welcome!
For those who are so inclined – come along to the FREE Cajun Dance Class prior to the session 1.30pm – 2.30pm to learn all the moves to dance your afternoon away! Flat shoes are best – with little grip so spinning is easier.
Contact : martincc@bigpond.net.au for more details