Car sound systems, right?
No. Electronics and audio. Mainly. (Three D printer if you still haven’t got a gift for dad for Fathers’ Day. Two sizes. Or, for much less, what about the in-car cup holder charger?) Exactly the sort of shop where you could expect to bump into Sheldon.
Me: “How come I don’t know about this place?”
Shop assistant: “We don’t advertise enough.”
All kinds of components, plugs, adapters, converters. Just the sort of place I need because I always seem to be doing something audio for which I’m sure I used to have the part I now need but don’t seem to be able to find anymore. Or I have the female but need the male /  have a stereo but need a mono.
Really helpful staff. And cheap too.
Another place in Adelaide where it’s a pleasure to shop, put it on the (unfortunately all too short*) list with:

  • the Levi’s shop in The Mall
  • the Laminex place in Currie St
  • Spendless Shoes in James Place
  • Goodwood Quality Meat, Goodwood Rd (opposite Goody Primary)

*To be fair, I don’t do a lot of actual shopping. I seem to confine myself mainly to wandering around (though quite purposefully) looking at stuff and not buying anything much that isn’t going to be used for tonight’s dinner.