Computers and me don’t belong in the same sentence.
I’m useless, unapologetically, but that’s another story but, needless to say, the “unapologetically” is not necessarily helpful / useful.
Something happened to my ancient laptop resulting in: I couldn’t access iTunes. And I needed to.
On a whim and a prayer I  contacted the Apple support line.
They were back to me in (much) less than the two minutes they estimated.
It took 2+ hours but Jody and Matthew got the problem rectified.
They could not possibly have been more professional and / or personable.
I was exhausted by the end of it, they sounded completely “chipper”. I can’t even get close to imagining it.
Surprised / delighted by the experience? Very!!
I’m thinking I might get back to them about the fact that my ancient laptop doesn’t recognise the outboard disc drive when burning CDs. Why do I have an outboard disc drive when my MacPro has an inboard? Well, that’s a long story but it might be that there could be something stuck in that drive that ain’t a CD. Let’s leave it at that.