Having recently watched Series One of “Castle Rock” I was led back to Bradbury’s book, which I last read 40+ years ago.
“A circus comes to town” and best friends and neighbours Will and Jim are drawn to it. One fears it, the other is intrigued.
Other members of their small town find themselves wanting to see and know more, inexplicably.
“Cooger and Dark’s Pandemonium Shadow Show” is the embodiment of sinister, and never was the admonition to “be careful of what you wish for” more true.
It’s a little book, two hundred odd pages (I read it in three nights) and remains remarkably creepy. It has been made into a movie, not very successfully, Disney in the early 80’s. But I think I know why it hasn’t been remade. The imagery is literary and the mood isn’t just terror, it’s dread. I’m not sure dread is easy to film. It’s more easily imagined.
Some things are better off for being left alone? “Cooger and Dark’s Pandemonium Shadow Show” and making a movie of it are two of those “somethings”.
*Quoting Shakespeare’s “Macbeth”: “(By the pricking of my thumbs,) something wicked this way comes.”