Glutton for punishment? Turns out, not so much. But it’s a long movie.
I read (and liked) the book, by Stephen King, which picks up the story of “Danny” the boy who “shines”, now a man and not doing so well.
He takes a bus to the end of the line to start a new life. And he does. There are others like him. And there are others not like him. A nomadic horde, seeking prey. And they are coming.
Picking up a character from an earlier work and giving them another life is a bit of a clunky model even for a book but I thought King actually pulled it off with “Dr Sleep”. As a movie the practice is littered with places to go wrong and I’m not sure Ewan McGregor is entirely the best person to play the dissolute “Danny” seeking salvation, though I thought he managed the passage to becoming “Dr Sleep” well. I remember it, his redemption, being my favourite part of the novel, and his performance reminded me that King can write well and sensitively. Re-animating an acknowledged “classic” movie, in itself, has more than it’s share of problems, especially when it comes to using look a-likes for the original characters (“Jack” is back: “Torrance” but it’s not Nicholson). Put the two together and anything could go wrong.
It’s a supernatural horror movie, so don’t look for consistencies (especially when it comes to police work) and you will have a good time.
I never did like those hats like the one that bloke from Lynyrd Skynyrd used to wear. They get an even worse name out of “Dr Sleep”. That Rosey? She’s a one.