Another extremely imaginative and interesting “event” hosted by Unley Libraries, they really do a great job, the flying models are those spindly intimations of aircraft made of balsa and sometimes tissue paper, powered by rubber band driven propellors.
It’s an in-door pastime, Unley Town Hall having been cleared for the occasion.  The starter models (they had kits for sale) were impressive, managing inclining and declining stunt flights. Audience members, young and old, had the opportunity to give it a go. And they did, mostly more or less successfully.
But then the special models came out and they were astounding and so elegant. One insect like model with transparent film wings glided upward and stayed there  circling for over 10 minutes. Total weight? 2 grams!!! Quite a large craft with an especially long propeller that rotated slowly. It appeared to defy all the rules. Quite fascinating.
Hangar Rats meet at Ingle Farm Recreation Centre, usually second Saturday night on the month. Got a feeling I be grabbing a nephew or two and heading out there soon.
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