Hard to describe “Rune’s”, music. It’s not “new-grass”; maybe something like acoustic bluegrass country stomp?: vocals, harmonica, mandolin, washboard, banjo, guitar, double bass. A five piece which emerged from the much larger “Dr Pifle and the Burlap Band” (playing at next year’s “Womadelaide”) they describe their sound as “rag time-folk-jug band”, though I’m not sure that does them justice. Anyway, they are rowdy.
A lot of people out on a Thursday night for the launch of their CD “Doombilly” I thought the support bands must have brought their own audience. Turns out the “Runebilly” crowd just like to show their appreciation. Just returned from the “Hobofopo” in Tasmania, “Rattle” were in very fine form. First time I’ve heard them amplified, they start off with a clatter and genuinely proceed to at “Rattle” before a hooting and stomping audience doing their very best dancing in a very confined space. Maybe it’s the amping, but the playing seemed more textured, with greater relief and extended jamming, especially around the harmonica playing. “Unplugged” their vocals can become a but “shouty”, not so tonight: strong and clear but nuanced as well.
Played for much more than an hour and the “crowd called out for more”.
Find them and see them.