“Gondola…” has become the “go to” for birthdays etc in one part of the family. So we went there. Post modern irony in the name? It’s Vietnamese fare, kicked up a notch, rather like Little NNQ in Gouger St, but unlike Little NNQ not so mush displaying a French influence. Still, “street food” this is not.
Lunch on a Wednesday, not as many people around as I would have expected. Four to the celebration, one not so keen on prawns meant something of a change to the usual order but the salt and pepper eggplant stayed in the list, a very generous serve (as always), delicious and always surprisingly sweet. Everything we’ve had at “Gondola….” over the six or so times we’ve eaten there has been excellent.
And the waiter did something almost unheard of: he suggested that we’d over ordered. He went on to say that, with not many people in, the kitchen would be quick if we needed more. He was right. We were pushed to finish the four mains and one entree.
Not cheap: one entree, four mains, 2 beers: $145, but good value and we’ll be back.