Pawn shops have had a pretty hard time of it; between the internet and Cash Converters thy’ve taken quite a hammering. Cash Converters did for pawn shops as Bunnings did for the corner hardware store. A couple remain, one on Unley Road and one out on The Parade at Norwood. They struggle, I guess, but they are still there. Estate jewellery shops suffer in a similar way from the internet and “Cashies”.
I don’t mind Cash Converters, they don’t have the same feel as a traditional pawn shop, but I guess that’s the idea. And it was to Cash Converters I travelled when I was looking for a “two in one”: CD and cassette player.
My first port of call for Cash Converters is out at Thebarton on Henley Beach Rd.  I usually do well there, and it’s next to my favourite “$2 Shop” and just along from the “Asian Grocery” where, if you are lucky, you can often score a serve of Vietnamese cold rolls with dipping sauce. Great service at “Thebbie” Cash Converters always and “Yes” they had a “two in one” (actually a “three in one”: AM:FM radio). And they had a cassette to try it out. No go on the cassette player, the really important part in this instance. To the corner of Gouger and Morphett, surprisingly not open on Friday nights. But open on Saturday arvo. Excellent service, but it always seems somewhat understaffed, though they do that thing which many a shop assistant fails to do, they greet you and engage you even if they can’t serve you immediately. They keep you in the loop and update you on what they are doing and how long they think they’ll be. Not always accurate, but it makes you feel like you are being attended to anyway, sort of. And “Yep!”, a “two in one”, but I had to supply my own cassette, none in the store. Badly prepared, home to collect a cassette. Worked fine, cassette section is itself a “two in one”, for speed “dubbing”*. Both Thebbie and Chinatown Cashies were really professional, went to no end of trouble for what was a very “small beer” sale
Good news: all in working order.
Bad news: it’s actually a “four in one”, CD / cassette/ AM:FM radio & turn table. Why bad news?  I have been assiduously avoiding buying a turntable, now I’ll never again be able to just walk past the vinyl at trash and treasure (“No point, don’t have anything to play it on”) etc. Another thing to collect! Like I need that! I already have three albums: “Video Kings” (Mr Snips), “Out of the blue” (McKenzie Theory) and “Especially for you” (Duane Eddie). If that’s not the start of a collection I don’t know what is.
If I hadn’t been successful at Gouger and Morphett, I would have headed out to “The Port”, it’s a bit of a “haul” but they do good work at the Cash Converters in the main street and there is a great, little, old second hand (might be pawn?) shop around the corner in St Vincent St, just past the Birkenhead Bridge turnoff. There’s also a pawn shop on the way out, on the Port Rd at Woodville, but I don’t think I’ve ever “scored” there (though I have tried). If I’d still been unsuccessful, I’d have come home via Torrens Rd and tried the Cash Converters near Event Cinemas at Arndale. Only been there once, but a lot of stock.
I donated a couple of cassettes to the Cash Converters at Gouger and Morphett (“Hitwave ’81” and “ABBA Arrival”), community service, I figured not everyone lives close enough to just pop home to collect one.
*Remember “dubbing”, as in making copies of cassettes? Nah, probably not. Oh the wonders of the road trip and the mix tape.