Tried “On becoming a God in Central Florida”, again. And, again, I couldn’t do it, no matter how much I like Kirsten Dunst. Then tried “Wayward Pines”, mainly because it featured Matt Dillon. But that didn’t do it for me, either. (“The Prisoner” anyone?) And because “everything is connected to everything else” it turns out whilst Kirsten Dunst was outstanding in a previous film by Lars Von Trier, the beautiful and epic “Melancholia”, Dillon played a serial killer in Von Trier’s latest(?) movie, “The house that Jack built”, (Don’t know how that slipped by me, now on “hold” as a DVD through the one card system.). And if that ain’t enough The Mercury Cinema is screening Von Trier’s heartbreakingly tragic and redemptive movie “Breaking the waves” (Emily Watson) at 10:45AM on Tuesday 18th February, to coincide with performances of Missy Mazzoli’s interpretation of the film as an opera, of the same name, which will be part of “AF20”, a.k.a. “The Adelaide Festival of the Arts for the year two thousand and twenty”*
*To be fair, I do really admire the cleverness of improvisation on the “AF20” logo design this time around.