Sedaris has an unusual performance method, he reads from scripts: bits from books he’s written (13,000,000 sold so far), essays printed in various periodicals, scripts in preparation and observations etc.
He’s a funny guy, wry might be a better discussion: there’s a sense of sadness and regret about much of his best work. I’ve seen him before and I’d definitely see him again. It’s mainly not surprising, it’s often highly profane and it is very good. He also does a good line in sinister and unlikeable.
What was really surprising was the “Q&A”.
My experience of “Q&As” is less than pleasant; mainly a problem of writers week, where every other questioner is an unpublished writer without a question but with a burning insight into themselves that they need to share.
On this occasion? The questions were short, to the point and on topic. Sedaris answered them with sincerity and without the feeling that he needed a ready made, immediate answer. He, sometimes, stumbled about a bit with his relies, changed tack and and thought about it a bit. He did live what he does in preparing his written work, he edited and polished and we got to see the process live.
What made this “Q&A” different? “The book whisperer” says  “Writers’ week is free, there’s the diff.” She might be right.