A young friend nominated the new “Shaun the sheep” movie as a holiday treat. It was showing everywhere but Greater Union at Arndale scheduled it as part of a “Family Funday” (when else? On Sunday). Went to the cinema and bought tickets ahead of time and enquired what the “Funday” might look like. No specifics, “games and activities for the whole family”.
Arrived to find not what I expected at all, having become so accustomed to the “all flashing lights bells and blowing whistles”.
Instead, tucked into one corner of the foyer, where a bunch of kid sized tables and chairs, on which were coloured pencils and various paper activity sheets (find a word, mazes etc) with a “Farmaggedon” theme. On another table was a selection of “old school” games, we settled on “Connect Four”. Free standing in an open space was an oversize “Jenga” and we gave that a go as well. Nothing electric, no screens just a bunch of kids working more or less quietly with their attending adults (many of whom appeared, like me, to be of a “grand-parent vintage”).
All free.
I’m really glad we went to Arndale and Greater Union are to be commended for their idea. A reminder that not every thing has to be a big deal to be very successful.
“Farmaggedon”? ET and a theme park, plus sheep and the sheep dog, Ardmann Style*.
*Heard recently that Peter Goers described “JoJo Rabbit” as “Monty Python meets Anne Frank”. That’s clever.