Friends over for dinner then headed across the road for a “Cheap Tuesday”  nine o’clock session.
Daniel Craig like you’ve never seen him in a “who dunnit?”, which turns into a “how dunnit?”. A cast studded with “vets” (the aforementioned Craig, Jamie Lee Curtis, Christopher Plummer, Toni Colette, Dan Johnson) all of whom play it just this side of “a nudge and a wink”. The black sheep of the family, “Ransom”, is played by Chris Evans, a veteran of another sort: namely many a “Marvel / Superhero” movie and Jaeden Martell and Michael Shannon (who appeared together in “Midnight Special”, recently on TV) are re-united.
Famous detective Benoit Blanc (cue “Hercule Poirot”), Daniel Craig in disguise and with an unplaceable American – French or is that American – Belgian (again, cue Hercule Poirot?), is hired (anonymously) to look into the assumed suicide of family patriarch and famed mystery / thriller author “Harlan Thrombey” (Christopher Plummer). “Happy families” it ain’t, it twits and it turns and it’s all very good fun.
The down side? One of the friends suggested she could easily see “Benoit Blanc” as a “franchise”, with a rotating set of “vets”. You read it here first.