I’m not really a fan of monster trucks. But I have a four year old great nephew who is. Really is, he is rarely without a toy one in his hand in his waking hours and he sleeps with a model of the “Scooby Do” truck. He likes them a lot. When said “Scooby Do” appeared on display outside the Showgrounds, promoting the upcoming “Monster Truck Rally” I passed on the information and he wanted ‘immediately’ to go there. I promised to take him at the weekend, when he and his family were coming to dinner. His acceptance could only be described as reluctant, at best.

Mid week, drive past the show-grounds and, of course, “Scooby” is gone. This is a big problem. An email and a phone call later the staff at the show grounds and at Gilbert Racing, the team responsible for the “Monster Truck Rally” could not have have been more helpful. I haven’t actually explained to said “young ‘un” of  the disappearance and he’s due over here this afternoon. But I have a lead. More, “Scooby” does family events and it’s even possible to go for a ride in it. But I intend to under-promise and over-deliver, especially where four year olds are concerned, in the future.