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“IT!  Chapter 2 / Ends.” Arndale cinemas

The original “IT” contained some of Stephen King’s best writing about the bond that can be made by friendship amongst children. When King is in his stride writing about kids he’s hard to touch.  “IT” also had possibly the worst ending ever imagined by King, or pretty...

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Mortlock Library and National Archives of Australia

I’m doing some research for a friend (it’s taking up rather more of my time than I had expected) which, of course, led me to the Mortlock and thereafter (at their suggestion) to the NAA. What treasures: excellent service and help. What a gem! I’m yet to come to grips...

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Magnet Island “P.S.”

In the brief time I was on Magnetic Island I didn’t: come across one retro barber shop which asked to be respected as a men’s only space find any micro breweries “discover” a crafted gin flavoured with local aromatics see a coffee roaster. My shot at a tourism slogan...

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“Waiting for the evening news”, Tim Gautreaux.

The blurb on the cover compares Gautreaux to Tennessee Williams and William Faulkner, I’ve not read enough of either to know. These are short stories from the south of the USA, around Highway 51, which joins Mississippi to Illinois, and Louisiana. They are mainly sad,...

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National Park management, Magnetic Island style.

On the second night the ridge overlooking Nelly Bay was clearly aflame. And for quite some distance. The next day, the fire was still smouldering below the top of the ridge, on “my” side. I sought out a local: Me: That fire on the ridge, should I be worried? Local:...

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