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“Gondola, Gondola”, Hindley St, Adelaide.

“Gondola…” has become the “go to” for birthdays etc in one part of the family. So we went there. Post modern irony in the name? It’s Vietnamese fare, kicked up a notch, rather like Little NNQ in Gouger St, but unlike Little NNQ not so mush displaying...

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Pawn shops have had a pretty hard time of it; between the internet and Cash Converters thy’ve taken quite a hammering. Cash Converters did for pawn shops as Bunnings did for the corner hardware store. A couple remain, one on Unley Road and one out on The Parade at...

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“Indoor model flying with Hangar Rats”, Unley Town Hall.

Another extremely imaginative and interesting “event” hosted by Unley Libraries, they really do a great job, the flying models are those spindly intimations of aircraft made of balsa and sometimes tissue paper, powered by rubber band driven propellors. It’s an in-door...

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“Dosed”, Mercury Cinema.

From the Mercury programme: “After many years of prescription medications failed her a suicidal woman turns to underground healers to try and overcome her depression, anxiety, and opioid addiction with illegal psychedelic medicine like magic mushrooms and iboga....

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“Dr Sleep”, Event Cinemas Arndale.

Glutton for punishment? Turns out, not so much. But it’s a long movie. I read (and liked) the book, by Stephen King, which picks up the story of “Danny” the boy who “shines”, now a man and not doing so well. He takes a bus to the end of the line to start a new life....

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Name / vocation, Chicken / egg?

My dear, old, surviving chook, “Ginger”* (“Ginge” to those who knew her well), needed to be euthanised (was only eating or drinking if hand “fed” and then only barely, only able to walk with great difficulty, hadn’t left her coop for almost two weeks, nearly 8 years...

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